On 11 March 2011 when a massive earthquake and devastating tsunamis hit Japan, we at DOMMUNE,
as a live broadcasting channel, realized how powerless we were while being flooded with endless news reports.

In the initial days after the disaster, it felt that the art and entertainment industry was of little use when confronted with a disaster unlike anything Japan had seen before. All we could do was face up to the unfolding reality, and hope for the best.

Just 2 days after the disaster, DOMMUNE resumed its broadcasting. Being in Tokyo, outside the worst effected area, we thought about what we could do through DOMMUNE: we wanted to express our sincere condolences to the victims, to convey our strong feelings of support to those suffering, and to give energy and optimism for rebuilding Japanese society and culture.

We knew that music helps us ease pain, elevate our minds, bring our feelings together and empower us to face life.

As a music-based broadcasting, we thought that what DOMMUNE should do was to broadcast great music as usual and to share the joy of music with viewers.

Now – more than ever – is the time we need to share that experience with others. We need the energy of music.

With the cooperation with musicians, DJs, and our viewers, we have been able to convert "music energy" into "direct support", and have continued to broadcast from DOMMUNE to gather donations. Slowly we have returned to broadcasting as usual.

When we think about those who are in the devastated areas, we cannot say normal life has yet returned. For Japan to rebuild and recover from the disaster,
bringing back vibrant life and a dynamic economy becomes very important. Or in other words, doesn't restoring ordinary life mean returning everything to 0 and starting all over again?

When we think about those who are in the devastated areas, we cannot say normal life has yet returned. For Japan to rebuild and recover from the disaster,
bringing back vibrant life and a dynamic economy becomes very important. Or in other words, doesn't restoring ordinary life mean returning everything to 0 and starting all over again?

To arrive back at point 0, DOMMUNE will hold a free festival with a capacity of 10,000 people on Aug. 19th, 2011.
It is called "FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO>"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 is an "integer immediately before 1".
0 is not negative, it is not minus, it is a "world of emptiness".
0 is an "empty vessel", and it can become to mean a "fresh clean media"!!!!!!
0 is a "new origin". It is the daybreak of the world!!!!!!!!
Year 0, 0 yen, point 0! 0! ZERO!

Yes, all things in the universe and all phenomenon come from 0!!!!
And in tennis, we call the 0 point "love"...........

Admission is 0yen!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this free festival will be nonstop live-streamed on USTREAM and on a DOMMUNE produced high quality streaming media called "ZOMMUNE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say it over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All arise from "0"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ukawa Naohiro / DOMMUNE

2010 was the year of new social media. With traditional notions and formats of "broadcasting", "publishing", and "advertising" on the verge of collapse, DOMMUNE has conducted experiments with live video streaming and has continued to innovate and shed light on the possibilities for new forms of visual communication.

FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO> is a multi-dimensional festival supervised by Ukawa Naohiro and DOMMUNE, that proposes a further step in the progression of new social media. This is not just about music, but also incorporates imagery, literature, contemporary art, fashion, graphic design and more… Turning the spotlight on both mainstream cultures and different subcultures, we will hold a festival that will join real and virtual experiences.

From a studio with a capacity of 50 guests, DOMMUNE has continued to broadcast programs to gather donations, and this festival is a further evolution of our efforts. To put it simply, it will be a "gigantic DOMMUNE" with an expanded space that has capacity for 10,000 to 20,000 people.
We will announce the performing artists soon. The festival will have 3 stages with about 40 artists performing: 10 from overseas and 30 from Japan. Based on the aim of an expanded DOMMUNE, there will also be a talk show booth, replicating the standard talk show format of DOMMUNE. From the talk show booth, with DOMMUNE's regular hosts taking the lead, we will broadcast interesting and important discussions for 12 hours nonstop!

The existence of underground music and street culture like DOMMUNE is based around the freedom of conception, and we think it is essential for younger generations to learn from experiencing and being informed by the free ideas we present. By planning a large-scale event that brings together a mixture of different ideologies and opinions, and by proposing a new “floor” to the youth, we hope this festival can be an opportunity for new possibilities to be discovered.

This festival will be administered with the cooperation of company sponsors. Admission will be available by pre-registering on a special web site that will open soon.
Please participate in the festival either by making a conventional reservation (free of charge) or by using the subscription bonus of the "DOMMUNE Official Guide Book" that will be released at the end of July (part of the proceeds from the book will be used for operating expenses). We will announce more details about registrations closer to the date.

We hope for your heart-warming support.

FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO> Executive Committee

After the Great East Japan Earthquake on 3.11, DOMMUNE – a music and culture-based media – has been trying different ways to support the victims of the directly affected areas.
There are many ways to do this, but in this particular festival, DOMMUNE would like to support especially the children who had lost their parent(s) in the disaster. At "FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO>“, an event that more than 10,000 people are expected to take part in, we will bring all the performing artists, guests, viewers, and company sponsors together to extend the circle of supporting hands.

Each participant in this event supports the future of those children in their own ways. DOMMUNE will take the role to communicate everyone's thoughts for the children, with hope to bring as many smiles as possible to the artists-to-be children. It is our strong wish to make "FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO>" a "Recovery Aid Event for the Great East Japan Earthquake".

In order to support the futures of affected children as directly as possible, DOMMUNE festival Executive Committee is researching in close cooperation with the NPO / NGO groups and local government of the affected areas to determine our supporting charity organization(s).

At the festival, our volunteer staff will welcome guests holding a donation box, and will ask for contributions. We will record all the contributors’ names (including anonymous) and the sum, issue the receipt, and announce the exact numbers and amounts to the public after the event. We will also accept the donations in various points at the festival site, as well as online through our special website. We will take the full responsibility to deliver the donation to the charity and make an appropriate report.

We appreciate your understanding and contribution.

FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO> Executive Committee

FREEDOMMUNE 0 <ZERO> will be held in cooperation with the city of Kawasaki, as one of the city’s projects to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Kawasaki Port.
We will actively incorporate our event with their project, such as administrative deregulation in usage of public space, combining regional product exhibitions, collaborations with local commerce and industry associations to help revitalize the local community prior to the date of the event.
We also hope to raise the credibility of the local participating companies through various spin-off effects created by FREEDOMMUNE 0.

The event will be accompanied by the release of “DOMMUNE Official Guidebook” (published by Gentosha). The Guidebook includes the best quotes taken from the talk show programs from nearly 2,000 hours of archive footages over 1.5 years history of DOMMUNE, as well as some “surprise” pages and information about this festival.
There are also track lists and commentaries on some of the memorable tunes played by famous international DJs on DOMMUNE, as well as a complete list of more than 700 programs streamed by DOMMUNE. More details to be announced soon!

Approximately 20 cameras will be set up across all 4 stages!!!!!!! The event will be live-streamed globally through the usual DOMMUNE Ustream channel, as well as through a special HD quality website called “ZOMMUNE.”
By making the most of DOMMUNE’s live-streaming know-how, we provide streaming in high definition to share and build a strong sense of participation not only at the actual festival site but online as well. We are hoping to build the “third site of event*” with viewers beyond borders.
We will also seek donations from all over Japan as well as the rest of the world.