2017/09/07 (木)

■19:00~21:30 「Parties4Peace celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary at Dommune!」BROADJ#2314-2315
Music by:Lauren Ritter(ReSolute NYC / All Day I Dream)、Justin Marchacos(Cityfox / Ebb+Flow)
Interview:Jay Zimmerman(DEEP&TECH / Block.FM、Red Melon)MC:Emilie McGlone

■Parties4Peace celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary at Dommune! Join us for a celebratory evening featuring two of New York City's finest artists from the underground music scene. Since its inception in 2002, Parties 4 Peace has organized events in Tokyo, South America and more recently New York and Miami, inviting artists from around the world to create a culture of peace through music and dance. On Thursday, Sept 7th we celebrate our 15 year anniversary and will introduce the New York sound of producers Lauren Ritter from the ReSolute label and Justin Marchacos from Cityfox/Ebb+Flow.
Parties 4 Peace is proud to introduce Justin Marchacos from the Ebb+Flow label in NYC and Zurich-based label Cityfox, with their well-known musical taste that is always danceable, psychadelic and includes fresh electronic rhythms somewhere between techno & house. From the streets of Brooklyn, we also have the infamous yet mysterious ReSolute New York, “an underground music event entity“ that has been steadily building up a global fan-base. With a well-known international roster already on board, ReSolute is a platform for fresh talents with extraordinary taste and passion for versatile, timeless sounds. We are excited to welcome the talented Lauren Ritter from ReSolute for her Tokyo debut !
* Parties4Peace seeks to unite people to create a culture of peace through dance and music, supporting initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality and disaster relief. All funds will be donated to the Music & Art Peace Academy (MAPA) educational programs

■Lauren Ritter(ReSolute NYC / All Day I Dream)
Exposed to her father's eclectic 1000+ vinyl collection, Lauren Ritter began her incursion into the music world early on. Although a classically trained violinist and viola player since the age of 8, Lauren always expressed a strong interest in electronic music. Currently a Brooklyn-based DJ & producer, Lauren has been a purveying force in New York as resident artist for well-respected event series and label, ReSolute. For almost a decade, Ritter has played an eclectic array of sounds from dreamy deep house soundscapes to resonant, full-bodied techno. Talent that touches down into the nooks and crannies of experimental sound to deliver something truly individual. It’s that chameleon-like attitude that’s found Ritter on the bill for major labels Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream, Bespoke, ReSolute, and more. She is an active member of Brooklyn's underground, organizing events with ReSolute, playing coveted slots at institutions like Output and Cielo, and opening for respected talent such as Raresh, Moderat, Thomas Melchior, Zip, Kate Simko, and Frank & Tony, to name a few, and playing coveted slots at festivals such as Time Warp US, Electric Zoo, and Woogie Weekend.
Most recently, Lauren was swooned by Lee Burridge to join the All Day I Dream family which houses her latest EP ‘Lark’. Lauren’s currently on the road with a busy summer tour schedule, yet still making time to work on new music. This will be her Tokyo debut so if you haven’t yet, go get familiar with this boss lady; chances are, she has something to feed all music palettes.
■Justin Marchacos(Cityfox / Ebb+Flow)
Based in frenetic New York City, Justin Marchacos is a versatile music composer whose roots originate in film. He has composed and performed original music for award-winning films on the Sundance Channel as well as in film festivals like the Tribeca International Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Justin counts his musical influences as a vast array of artists all with the commonality of evoking real emotion and telling a story through their music. His crossover into dance music took off when collaboration with Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky, founders of ebb + flow music, started during the summer of 2014. Together, the trio has produced tracks with driving bass lines and catchy, danceable hooks under the moniker Second Format. Justin currently holds rank as a core artist in both the ebb + flow family and Cityfox, and he is managed by listed bookings. He has shared the stage and been billed with industry legends like Lee Burridge, Tale of Us, Bedouin, M.A.N.D.Y., Âme, Mano Le Tough, Robag Wruhme, Cassy, Apollonia, Tim Green, Job Jobse, Frankey and Sandrino, Behrouz, Atish, Jay Tripwire, Einmusik, Patlac, Tara Brooks, John Charnis, Mikey Lion, Brian Cid, and Hoj, among countless others. His Giants EP with Second Format, which was released on the Cityfox label, charted in the Top 10 on Beatport within its first week.

■21:30~24:30 「Up to You!Presents BROADJ#2316-2317」
DJ:Phil Evans(from Frankfurt)、Philipp boss(from Frankfurt)

■”パーティー”の本質を打ち出すUp to YouにFrankfurtより二つの真髄が降臨! これまでEinzelkind(Pressure Traxx / LA PEÑA Records)、Molly(Rex club)、Mandar(Lazare Hoche / Malin Genie / S.A.M.)など、世界の注目を集める各国のDJ陣をゲストに招いてきた"Up To You"。国内からもJun Akimoto(FUSE London)、Yoshitaca(Fasten Musique)、KABUTO(LAIR)ら、実力派のDJ陣が出演を果たしており、今後とも目が離せないパーティーだ。今回、約2年ぶりに中目黒solfaでの開催が決定したUp to Youには、ドイツ・フランクフルトよりレコード店兼レーベル “GOSU”のオーナーであるPhil Evans、若くしてLA PEÑA、Pager recordsなどの良質なレーベルからリリースを重ねるPhilipp Bossがdommuneに登場!本場の音のみならず"パーティー"を大事にするUp To Youで踊り明かしてもらいたい。

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● ENTERANCE : ¥1,500
● OPEN : 18:50頃(第1部~第2部入替無し! 番組途中入場OK! 再入場不可! BARあり!)
● 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東4-6-5 ヴァビルB1F ≫MAP / TEL : 03-6427-4533