2017/06/27 (火)

●19:00~21:00 「951beat Presents Anetha BROADJ#2255−2256」
DJ:Anetha(from Paris)、Ryogo Yamamori(951BEAT)

◼︎世界中からブッキングオファーが殺到中のAnetha!パリより初来日! 今回の日本公演はドミューンのみの独占!ベルリンの最高峰「ベルクハイン」でプレイし世界中からブッキングオファーが殺到中のAnetha!パリより初来日。ぜひスタジオで体感して欲しい。お見逃しなく!
◼︎Anetha A resident of the Blocaus event in Paris, as well as great collector of vinyl, Anetha is a young artist who has quickly become a prominent figure in the Paris underground scene. The Parisian based DJ and producer has been gaining quite a name for herself over the last year on the DJing front. She has played famous places in France and abroad such as Corsica Studio in London, Culture Box in Copenhagen, Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, Grelle Forelle in Austria, Under Bron in Stockholm or Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin. Oscillating between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves, she also likes playing 90’s old school tracks offering a deep and pulsating journey. Anetha definitely knows how to take control of the dancefloor! Production wise, Anetha made her debut on November 2015 with an excellent EP on Spencer Parker’s imprint Work Them Records. The release was so successful that she did a second one in the same label in September 2016 and remixed by Antigone and Spencer Parker. Also, She released on June 2016 a track called Tomorrow’s DNA on Reclaim Your City on the Paris - Berlin 2.0 EP alongside Francois X, I/Y and Abayomi. In October 2016, Anetha with the Blocaus crew presented their new imprint : Blocaus Series. Anetha, as a co-manager of the label, inaugurated it with a solo EP remixed by Stranger. And recently she made a track called Acid Train for the great dutch label: Anagram. The future is bright for this little lady of techno. She is definitely an artist to watch out for!
◼︎Ryogo Yamamori(KAGEROU、951BEAT) Tokyo based Ryogo Yamamori has become one of the defining acts in the Japanese techno scene. His skill as a DJ derives from the early 90's Detroit & Chicago techno scene as growing up and taking influences from. For the last two decades of his production career, he was acclaimed not only by his DJ skill but also as a producer and curator of his own label, 951beat. He has established a platform of his sounds on 951beat and Kagerou, it has grown to feature some of his closest affiliates including Kan Shinomura, ID-22, Katrina, QriTomato, Drumcell,Hisaharu Sato, Ryogo Yamamori has been involved in techno since the late 90's and became resident at Air, Module and Yellow. He has released tracks from respected labels, notably Josh Wink's label Ovum, "Trinity e.p ”, got charted in 58th on Beatport's Techno which made worldwide selling. After having collaborated in Detroit Movement's official compilation, he has received offers from Voight,WARØK...just name a few,With over 20 years of experience, Ryogo Yamamori has played in NZ, Canada, US, Asia's clubs and festivals, including places like Octagon, ageHa, Womb. Ryogo's DJ style is known to be technical by mixing 3 decks and gets acclaim by world class artists.
◼︎RA / 951beat presents Anetha@DOMMUNE

●21:00~24:00 「Champ Libre x Space Baghdad / BROADJ#2257」
DJ:Mas(Champ Libre / Paris)、Size Pier(Champ Libre / Paris)
SpunOff(Champ Libre / Paris)、Second Spectre(Champ Libre / Paris)

◼︎Champ Libre x Space Baghdad!!!!! いまもっとも熱い街とも言われるパリの知る人ぞ知る完全招待制テクノパーティー、Champ Libre!選ばれた人間しか入ることが許されない地下空間では毎回数百人の若者が翌日の夕方まで狂喜乱舞する桃源郷。今回、彼らの初来日が実現。あの体験はその場所でしか得られないが、少しでもここ日本で今もっとも熱いシーンの中心にいる彼らのパフォーマンスを楽しんでもらいたい。
◼︎Champ Libre official
◼︎Champ Libre face book
◼︎2017.06.30Champ Libre x Space Baghdad@solfa
◼︎2017.06.30Champ Libre x Space Baghdad@solfa

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● ENTERANCE : ¥1,500
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● 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東4-6-5 ヴァビルB1F ≫MAP / TEL : 03-6427-4533


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