2024/04/16 TUE 21:30-24:00

Harmony & 電気菩薩 Presents NØRBAK Pre-Program


■Harmony & 電気菩薩 Presents NØRBAK Pre-Program

名門テクノ・レーベルから良作を連発し、実力派としてアンダーグラウンドでは知名度を上げてきている気鋭の中の気鋭NØRBAKが来日!! 4/20 のVENTでのプレイを記念して、プレプログラムが開催!! 共演は、東京を拠点にRe:birthをはじめとする国内野外フェスでも活躍しパーティー電気菩薩を主宰するTEI TEI、HarmonyとRe:birthを主宰し本年はPetar DundovやHéctor Oaksの来日サポートを務めたDANA NADAが登場!! テクノクラスタ必見の一夜!!


Nørbak’s crucial role in today’s techno environment derives from a strong sense of commitment and hard working attitude which he guides towards his musical passion. The Portuguese artist makes use of a thorough knowledge of classic techno and fuses it with modern sound design, the result of which is a signature sound that has seen worldwide support from tier-1 artists and mammoth labels such as Soma Records, Warm Up Recordings and Mord.
His continued evolution and forward thinking posture can be felt deeply in his debut album ’Flesh to Ashes’, where he seamlessly combines a dancefloor attitude with the experimentalism of IDM, but also at Hayes Collective, a tour-de-force techno label where he is a pivotal member.
Lastly, Artur’s progress and musical prowess have brought with it the opportunity to collaborate with artists he respects, namely Pfirter on ‘Life, Truth, Freedom, Fear’ (out on Mindtrip Music), Lewis Fautzi, for whom he remixed ‘State of Pressure’ (out on Soma Records) and Oscar Mulero.

ENTRANCE ¥2000(超エクスクルーシヴ限定50人スタジオ観覧者受け付けます。直接スタジオにお越しください!)
PLACE 〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷PARCO9F「SUPER DOMMUNE」
15-1 Udagawa-Cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0042|Shibuya PARCO9F「SUPER DOMMUNE」
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